AMV-Galaxy Bounce 2012

AMV: Galaxy Bounce 2012
Animes: Pale Cocoon
Musica: Andy Hunter — Lifelight (Sugar Jesus Remix)
HD 60fps | Mirror
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Premiered: 2012-04-12 Do you remember Galaxy Bounce from 2006? It was good, it got some awards but I always thought it could be improved. Well here is Galaxy Bounce 2012, remake of the 6 years old AMV with improved editing, special effects, 720p, 60fps and an exclusive remix of the original song Lifelight by Andy Hunter.

I got the idea of doing this remake 2 years ago when I was chatting with Overdrive (who already helped me with video encoding). I was telling him that I was looking for a bluray version of Pale Cocoon (which doesn’t exist) and he proposed to upscale the DVD version and filter it to improve quality. The result was really impressive, just what I needed for a HD remake.

The improved video quality was nice but I figured that a simple remake with the same song wouldn’t make a good impact. I needed something to freshen the AMV, like a new version of the song, remix maybe. Since I recently worked with Andrei Basirov from Sugar Jesus for my Binary Overdrive AMVand I knew that he was very good at remixing songs, I thought I’d ask him if he would be interested in taking part in this project. It was last year, just after we released Binary Overdrive. He immediately accepted and explained to me that he needed the vocal track of Andy Hunter’s song as well as some other elements like SFX and chorus tracks in order to start working on the remix.

Contacting Andy took some time but I managed to get to him and tell him about the project. He already saw the first Galaxy Bounce AMV few years ago and loved it. He agreed to help and sent me the audio tracks that Andrei needed. It took a while for Andrei to come up with the first version of the remix as he’s been very busy with his job but it was worth waiting. This first version was already high quality but Andrei is a perfectionist and he kept getting back to me with improved versions each time I gave him feedback.

I put my summer AMV project on standby and started editing as soon as I got the first version of the remix. Although I basically just had to replicate the editing from the 2006 AMV, it took me a while to remember and redo some effects. I also realized that I already had a good level back then and there are even some quick transitions that I didn’t manage to redo very well so I just took them directly from the old Galaxy Bounce, hopefully you won’t notice it.

Once again it was a pleasure to work with Sugar Jesus and having Andy Hunter on the project kinda put some pressure and motivated me to do things well. I spent about 5 months working on this remake (including lazy-time playing Deus Ex). There are a lot of new effects, most of them are about details that you might miss but if you compare with the old Galaxy Bounce, you should notice them (I might do a making-of video later). This remake is about 1 minute longer and the final part has a whole new editing with new stuff.

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